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Jasmine "Coach JB"

A little about me...

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Training philosophy

I have come to realize that there is no ‘all-inclusive and universal philosophy of training’ that can be applied to every athlete. What works for one person, may not work for another.

However, here are 4 principles, that guide my thinking on training and coaching:

1. Training can be seen as stress

Stress + recovery leads to improvement

The art of training is to give the right amount of stress, at the right time. Too little stress (easy training) leads to lack of improvement. Too much stress in high doses leads to over training.

2. Change of stimuli

When we apply the same type of training over and over again, this is not a stress for our body (or mind) anymore. Training stimuli have to change so that they surprise and challenge the body and create a response. This way you stimulate your body as necessary with something new.

3. Recovery is essential

When we apply the right training without giving enough time for recovery, that training will not lead to improvement. Rest days are essential. After a relatively easy workout, one day of recovery can be enough. After a hard workout, sometimes two days of recovery are needed.

4. Differences

Each person is different. One person might do well on high mileage and less speed, while another needs more speed and less mileage to get the same result. So observe yourself, keep up with your tracking in our free app and try to understand what makes you to improve.

Career Highlights:

I've worked with national brands such as Gold's Gym, World Gym, 24 Hour Fitness, L.A. Fitness, Fitness Connection, Club4 and EOS Fitness as well as my own private gym since 2009, over 15 years!

Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Trainer, Dance Instructor and Health Coach.

Les Mills Instructor

Private Boot Camp Trainer

NASM Certified

ZUMBA Certified

Boxing Certified


One of City's best Group Fitness Instructors and Trainers.


International fitness model for Center Stage Magazine 

(view 10-page article)


Online Fitness videos


Mobile App Available

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